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Typography choices say a lot about us.

Our primary and secondary typefaces have been chosen to convey both the optimistic, forward-thinking tone of MSU as well as to connect to our history of excellence and impact.

To obtain brand fonts, register the name of the unit and individual user at or call 517-355-7505.

Primary Typefaces

GOTHAM (sans serif)

Gotham has been an essential part of MSU's brand identity for more than a decade. Approachable and modern, yet classic, It evokes MSU's open, collaborative and forward-thinking approach to solving problems and providing opportunity.

Gotham has many weights and is appropriate for almost any application.

  • The SPARTANS WILL. Tagline should always be set in Gotham.
  • Gotham may be used in both headlines and text. It is recommended for subheads because of its clarity.
  • All uppercase is preferred for headlines.
  • Gotham Bold or Gotham Ultra work well to distinguish headlines set smaller from text and subheads in the same font.
  • In designs that allow for airy negative space around the headline, thinner versions of the Gotham typeface are effective, including Gotham Book and Gotham Thin.
  • Gotham Narrow is particularly useful for text, lists and bullets
  • The recommended typeface for use on MSU websites is Gotham, which has been licensed for units to use on MSU websites. To learn more, refer to the MSU Web Standards.

    Gotham font example

    GOTHAM — thin/book/bold (16 styles available)

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    CALIFORNIAN (serif)
    Californian is well suited for classic designs. Strong and refined, it reflects MSU’s proud history of excellence.

    • Californian works well for headlines and small blocks of text when a serif typeface is desired.
    • Other serif typeface options are Garamond and Times New Roman.

    Californian font example

    CALIFORNIAN  — roman/bold/black (4 styles available)

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    Secondary Typeface

    LIBERATOR (sans serif)
    Liberator is the latest addition to MSU's brand typeface family. A traditional yet contemporary font. It evokes a sense of nostalgia in designs.

    • Liberator is an all-uppercase font recommended for use in headlines for advertising, billboards and other display-type content. It also may be used in high-level communications, including magazines and reports. It should not be used for body copy or websites.

    Liberator font example

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    Typeface Substitutions

    These typefaces may be used as substitutes for the primary brand typefaces. Because Gotham, Californian and Liberator are not standard fonts on most computers, the typeface substitutions identified below should be used when creating documents or presentations intended to be shared in their native file formats (i.e., not designed and saved as PDF documents).

    • Arial (sans serif)
    • Helvetica (sans serif)
    • Garamond or Adobe Garamond Pro (serif)
    • Times New Roman (serif)

    Arial font example

    ARIAL  — regular/bold/black (5 styles available)

    Helvetica font example

    HELVETICA — light/regular/bold (6 styles available)

    Garamond font example

    GARAMOND — regular/bold (3 styles available)

    Times New Roman font example

    TIMES NEW ROMAN — regular/bold (4 styles available)


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