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The Michigan State University wordmark is the standardized graphic representation of the Michigan State University name. It is a custom-designed mark that emphasizes the words “Michigan State” to provide immediate identity recognition and to enhance readability.

  • Place the Michigan State University wordmark (or approved wordmark/helmet combination or unit signatures) on either the front or back cover of all publications and other visual communications developed for MSU external audiences by administrative and academic units.
  • Include the Michigan State University wordmark on every university website in the footer as specified in the MSU Web Standards.
  • Display the wordmark only in Spartan green (Pantone Matching System ink color 567 or hex code 18453B for web), black or white.
  • Do not use the wordmark within text.
  • Do not combine with any other marks, graphic elements or words. Exception: The wordmark may be combined with the helmet in the wordmark/helmet combination mark and with a unit name as part of a unit signature.
  • Do not alter the wordmark except to enlarge or reduce proportionally.
  • The wordmark may be used on giveaway promotional items such as T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc., with prior written approval from University Licensing Programs (See Use of Trademarks on Promotional Items).


MSU Wordmark 


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