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Identity Standards for MSU Trademarks

To provide immediate brand recognition and to connect university units with the Michigan State brand, print and online publications and websites for all MSU units should reflect consistent graphic identity standards.

  • Display all trademarks only in MSU green (Pantone Matching System ink color 567 or hex code 18453B for web), black or white.
  • Use only approved, unaltered trademarks and combination marks and signatures designed to approved specs. Do not recreate trademarks.
  • Use Michigan State University’s trademarks only on official communications, partnerships and sponsorships. MSU marks may not be used for projects not affiliated with the university, other than licensed products with approval from University Licensing Programs.
  • To improve visibility and immediate recognition when a logo is to be included with a group of other logos or must appear very small, use the wordmark/helmet combination mark.


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