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Spartan Helmet

The Spartan helmet is a simple, strong and iconic mark that symbolizes Michigan State University. MSU students, faculty, staff and alumni around the world refer to themselves as Spartans. All MSU administrative and academic units may use the Spartan helmet.

  • Display the helmet only in Spartan green (Pantone Matching System ink color 567 or hex code 18453B for web), black or white.
  • Use only approved, unaltered versions of the Spartan helmet.
  • Do not recreate the Spartan helmet.
  • Display the Spartan helmet in the right facing position; do not reverse the direction.
  • Do not alter the Spartan helmet except to enlarge or reduce proportionally.
  • Do not substitute the Spartan helmet for the Michigan State University wordmark, which should appear on all external MSU publications, websites and other visual communications.
  • Do not combine the Spartan helmet with or place within any other marks, graphic elements or words. Exceptions: The helmet may be combined with the wordmark in the wordmark/helmet combination mark and with a unit name as part of a unit signature.
  • The Spartan helmet may be used as a graphic element on any communication. A representative mark (wordmark, combination mark or unit signature) should also be included in the layout.
  • The Spartan helmet may be used on giveaway promotional items such as T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc., with prior written approval from University Licensing Programs (See Use of Trademarks on Promotional Items).


MSU Spartan Helmet 

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