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Spartans Will.

The Spartans Will. tagline conveys the value of the MSU brand to different audiences.

Spartans Will. is the official tagline of MSU for all audiences and communications. 


Michigan State University's tagline is a distinctive unifying theme that speaks to who we are and what drives us. It's a call to action that differentiates MSU from other universities.

The “will” carries a powerful double meaning. As a verb, it reflects action and the work that Spartans do every day to make a positive impact. As a noun, it describes the determination, resilience and optimism that exemplifies Spartans. This “will” is a unique differentiator for Spartans.

The tagline:

  • should be used in advertising and marketing communications.
  • usually stands on its own: avoid using as a headline or sentence such as “Spartans will discover.” It limits the double meaning and makes it only focus on its use as a verb.
  • in limited cases, may appear in text, for example, as the closing statement in a letter.
  • is a strong statement or response to a challenging question.
  • Always place a period after the word “Will.”
  • may appear in all caps or with initial caps.
  • should not be combined with other marks or phrases to create a new mark, graphic or theme line.
  • may be MSU green, white or black.

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